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Lupe Velez

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The Resume

    (July 18, 1908-December 13, 1944)
    Starred in 'Gaucho,' 'The Squaw Man,' and 'Strictly Dynamite'
    Committed suicide at 36

Why she might be annoying:

    Her mom was a prostitute.
    She committed suicide.
    She overdosed on sleeping pills and even arranged her death scene. Her death bed was surrounded with candles and flowers.
    However after lying down she felt ill and ran to the bathroom to puke.
    As she threw up she lost consciousness and drowned as her head slipped into the toilet.
    She was a poor student.
    She was very fidgety.
    She divorced Johnny Weissmuller.
    She died while pregnant.
    She committed suicide because she felt as a devout Catholic it was wrong to give birth out of wedlock.
    She romanced Gary Cooper.

Why she might not be annoying:

    Although Mexican, she was able to portray other ethnics.
    She began her career as a Broadway dancer in a Fanny Brice revue.
    Her suicide note read: 'Please give my regards to the American press, they were always very nice to me.'
    She was a versatile actress ranging from drama to comedy.
    She, Dolores Del Rio and Ramon Navarro were the first Mexican stars to make it big in Hollywood.
    Researched by Jack Magic

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