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The Resume

    (2006- )
    Born in United States
    Social networking/microblogging application
    Users reply to the question 'What are you doing?' with a short post
    Founded by Jack Dorsey, Biz Stone and Evan Williams
    Main offices in San Francisco, California
    Three million users as of October 2008

Why Twitter might be annoying:

    Do you really need to know what your friends are doing 24/7?
    Updates are called 'tweets.'
    Unless you adjust your settings, updates are delivered to all Twitter users.
    Messages are limited to 140 characters.
    The network often crashes.
    It passes along data about users to third parties.

Why Twitter might not be annoying:

    It is very easy to learn.
    It uses several appealing images of birds.
    Many users are Japanese, so the owners developed a Japanese language version.
    There are no ads.
    Users can pass along information quickly during emergencies.
    It has been taken up by traditional media outlets such as CNN and the BBC.

Credit: Georgina

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