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Get Smart

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TV Series

The Resume

    (September 18, 1965-September 17, 1970)
    138 episodes
    Originally aired on NBC then CBS
    Creator: Mel Brooks
    Creator: Buck Henry
    Don Adams as Maxwell Smart (Agent 86)
    Barbara Feldon as Agent 99
    Edward Platt as The Chief (Thaddeus)
    Bernie Kopell as Conrad Siegfried (1966-1969)
    Richard Gautier as Hymie, the CONTROL robot
    Robert Karvelas as Larrabee (1967-1970)
    David Ketchum as Agent 13 (1966-1967)
    Al Molinaro as Agent 44 (1969-1970)
    King Moody as Starker, KAOS assistant
    Jane Dulo as 99's Mother (1968-1969)
    Joey Forman as Harry Hoo (1966)
    Victor French as Agent 44 (1965-1966)
    Stacy Keach Sr. as Carlson (1966-1967)
    William Schallert as Adm. Harold Harmon Hargrade (1967-1968)
    Premise: A James Bond spoof featuring an inept secret agent thwarting the evil plans of KAOS

Why Get Smart might be annoying:

    It was sponsored by R.J. Reynolds tobacco company.
    It gave us the catch phrases 'Would you believe ...' 'missed by that much,' 'I asked you not to tell me that,' '... and loving it,' 'the old _____ trick,' 'we don't shush here' and 'sorry about that, chief.'
    It marketed a number of items from shoe phones to lunch boxes.
    In 1995, they aired a new version of 'Get Smart' with both Don Adams and Barbara Felton reprising their roles but now as the parents of Zach Smart, the secret agent. Zach Smarts was played by Andy Dick and failed quickly. It was not successful.
    They referred to Barbara Felton's character only as agent 99, never giving her real name. Some think her name was Susan Hilton, but that was just a cover name.
    Tom Poston, Orson Bean and Mel Brooks were all considered for the role of Maxwell Smart.
    ABC demanded a dog and a mother from Maxwell Smart. They agreed to a dog but no mom. ABC then say the script called for blowing up the Statue of Liberty and decided the series was too un-American and decided not to go with it.

Why Get Smart might not be annoying:

    Mel Brooks referring to the show said: 'No one ever did a show about an idiot before. I decided to be the first.'
    It relied on a number of sight gags, like a shoe phone, a cone of silence (which never functioned correctly).
    Despite airing on NBC and CBS, it was ABC that aired a made for TV reunion movie (1989).
    The actors mastered remaining dead pan in character while saying ridiculous things.

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