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Shane Dawson

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Internet Personality

The Resume

    (July 19, 1988- )
    Born in Long Beach, California
    Birth name is Shane Lee Dawson
    YouTube Personality
    Created the 'ShaneDawsonTV' Channel on March 10, 2008
    Later created 'ShaneDawsonTV2,' 'Shane and Friends,' and 'Shane'
    Most-viewed video is 'Fred is Dead!' with over 23 million views as of September 2013
    Channels have over 6 Million subscribers as of November 2014
    Videos on his channel have collectively received over 1 billion views as of November 2014
    Recurring characters in his videos include Shananay, Ned the Nerd, S. Deezy, Mom, Aunt Hilda, Fruitlupe and Amy
    Videos often consist of his impersonating female celebrities and pop culture icons, including Paris Hilton, Miley Cyrus, Lady GaGa, Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift
    Film projects include 'Smiley' (2012), 'Not Cool' (2014), and 'I Hate MySelfie' (2015)
    Singles include 'F**king Double Rainbow' (2010), 'Hey Suup!?' (2011), 'Superluv!' (2012), 'Maybe Christmas' (2012), 'The Vacation Song' (2012), 'F**k Up' (2013), 'This Christmas Life' (2013), and 'Wanna Make Love to You' (2013)
    Frequently collaborates with Joey Graceffa, BrittaniLouiseTaylor, TheFineBros, JoeNationTV, iJustine, and Bart Baker

Why he might be annoying:

    His fan-base mostly consists of kids in the 8-14 age range.
    His fans constantly point out that he looks like PewDiePie.
    He cross-dresses in many of his videos.
    His videos have a reputation for crude and inappropriate humor.
    He has attempted to parlay his web celebrity into a recording career.
    He was fired from his job at Jenny Craig, along with his mother and brother, when a video surfaced of them pole dancing on the premises.
    His recurring character, Shananay, and his use of Black Face makeup in now-private videos, led to calls for him to be banned from YouTube for perpetuating negative black stereotypes.
    He seems to relish in sparking controversy, likely because even negative attention is still attention (for example, he royally pissed off the anti-bullying movement when he questioned their relevance by arguing 'sometimes kids just need to be bullied.')
    His parody of the Taylor Swift song, 'Blank Space' was deemed inappropriate by her label and pulled for copyright violation, infuriating his legion of fans (Dec. 2014).
    Twitter erupted with negative reactions and cries of racism when he tweeted (and then deleted) the following: 'first Blackish, now ABC is making 'Fresh Off the Boat?' I can't wait for 'the wetbacks.' Dear Lord' (Jan. 15 2015)

Why he might not be annoying:

    He has Body Dismorphic Disorder.
    He is frequently on the receiving end of anti-gay vitriol, but handles it with humor and aplomb.
    He was abused by his alcoholic father, who eventually walked out on the family.
    He's not embarrassed to have his mother appear in his videos, usually dancing badly.
    By 2011, ShaneDawsonTV had become Youtube's third most subscribed channel of all time.
    He won the Teen Choice Award for Choice Web Star (2010)
    He was ranked #25 in Forbes' Most Famous Web Celebrities (2010).
    His 'Fresh Off the Boat' Tweets were spun out of context (he was taking offense to the use of a racial term as the show's title).
    He was teased for being both poor and overweight as a kid.
    He has since dropped 150 lbs and now likely has more money than all the bullies combined (as Shane would say, 'whose laughing now bitches!?')
    On his bullying comments, he elaborated, saying 'I hope my child gets a little bit of s**t. I hope he or she learns how to deal with that and how to take that. And be motivated, and driven. I never want my kid having never had anybody tell them ‘hey you suck’ because they will always think they’re great and become a**holes.'
    He has a great relationship with his fans, many of whom say that he makes them either forget their problems or helps them to laugh about those problems.

Credit: BoyWiththeGreenHair

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