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The Resume

    Formed in Oakland California
    Shock-G, Humpty and Eddie 'Humpty Hump' Humphrey (Gregory E. Jacobs, August 25, 1963 - keyboards and vocals)
    Chopmaster J (Jimi Dright, samples, percussion)
    DJ Fuze (David Elliot, October 8, 1970- , Syracuse, New York)
    Money B (Ron Brooks)
    Tupac Shakur (June 16, 1971-September 13, 1996, Brooklyn, New York)
    Recorded the song 'The Humpty Dance'
    Group appeared in the movie 'Nothing But Trouble' (1991)
    'The Humpty Dance' is # 9 on VH1's Hip Hop One Hit Wonder Countdown

Why they might be annoying:

    'The Humpty Dance' was their only hit in the United States.
    Money B was questioned for the shooting murder of Ronald Blackburn (2000).
    Shock G got the Humpty idea after his half brother, lounge singer 'Smooth Eddie Humphrey' suffered severe burns in the kitchen. After a water pipe main burst and struck Humphrey in the back of the head, his nose hit a deep-fry grease vat.
    Shock G gave up eating foods with sugar, but still smokes cigars.
    Radio stations and MTV censored part of 'The Humpty Dance' song, including the line 'got busy in a Burger King' bathroom.

Why they might not be annoying:

    Tupac Shakur was in the group from the late 80's until 1991, before he became a successful solo artist.
    Shock G's mother named him after Gregory Hines because she had a huge crush on Hines.
    Their 1991 album 'Sons of P' went gold.

Credit: My Niece Alyse

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