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Spike Lee

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The Resume

    (March 20, 1957- )
    Raised in Brooklyn, New York
    Birth name is Shelton Lee
    Directed 'Summer of Sam,' 'School Daze,' 'Do the Right Thing' 'Girl 6,' 'Jungle Fever,' 'Crooklyn,' 'Malcolm X' and 'She Hate Me'

Why he might be annoying:

    After the Columbine high school shootings, Spike said that National Rifle Association president Charlton Heston should be shot. Heston replied that if Spike wanted to take a shot at him he should go ahead and try it. Spike later apologized for the comments.
    He is the New York Knick fan that makes himself visible at the game by waving around a towel and exchanging words with opponents like Reggie Miller of the Indiana Pacers.
    He casts himself in his movies.
    He intimidates producers to produce his films, by playing the race card.
    He has written that Babe Ruth is black.
    He delayed the launch of Spike TV (formerly TNN) when he sued them over the name of the network, claiming that when people hear the name Spike TV, they think of Spike Lee.
    Despite suing Spike TV for name infringement, he copped the name of He Hate Me for his movie 'She Hate Me' (2004).
    He doesn't know how to drive a vehicle.

Why he might not be annoying:

    He has cast many actors and actresses who may not have been given roles in other films.
    He makes meaningful films.
    He is one of the more influential directors in film.
    He may be the most influential black director in film history.

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