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'Uncle' Ray Murphy

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Celebrity's Relative

The Resume

    (November 27, 1938- )
    Born in Brooklyn, Kings County, New York
    Eddie Murphy’s uncle
    Birth name was Raymond Leon Murphy
    Acted in ‘Beverly Hills Cop II’ (1987), ‘Another 48 Hrs’ (1990) and ‘Coming to America’ (1988)
    Appeared on The Dick Cavett Show and The Arsenio Hall Show
    Hosted HBO's Uptown Comedy Express

Why he might be annoying:

    He had a dormant Twitter account.
    He only did one film that didn’t involve his nephew (‘Twisted Fortune’ in 2007).
    In ‘Coming to America,’ his part solely consisted of tumbling down the stairs unconscious.
    He briefly started a Doo Wop singing group call The Akrons.
    He said on Dick Cavett: ‘[Eddie] thinks my jokes are outdated. Because, see, when he was coming up he was just fat and not funny. Now he’s slim and he’s funny and I’M fat and not funny.’

Why he might not be annoying:

    He was Eddie’s head of security.
    He opened for both Eddie and Charlie.
    His brother Charles (Eddie’s father) was murdered in 1969.
    Eddie wrote 'Harlem Nights' to be based on his uncle's experiences owning the nightclub Sugar Ray's in Harlem.
    His obituary called him ‘everyone’s favorite uncle’ in Hollywood.
    As Borough Coordinator of School Safety for the Board of Education in New York, he formed the first School Safety Training Academy, which was implemented in schools nationwide.
    In retirement, he remained active working closely with NYPD as a Community Council board member.

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