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Why Sabrina the Teenage Witch might be annoying:

    The pilot episode was actually a made for television movie that aired on Showtime with only the Hart and Beaudoin characters in that film.
    That same TV movie would later air on ABC as part of 'The Wonderful World of Disney' movie of the week one year later.
    Hilda, Zelda, and Harvey's characters were played by actors different from the TV series.
    There are sooo many rules and regulations in being a 'witch.'
    Hilda was often naive and clumsy while Salem was a kiss ass suck up.
    According to Salem himself, he was a warlock who was transformed into a car as 150 year punishment for attempting to take over the world.
    Sabrina and her friends got entangled in various predicaments that often got herself or others into trouble with the witches council.
    Two words: Libby Chessler!
    High school and college life were exaggerated as horrible and mean in the series.
    Libby often tortured and bullied Sabrina.
    Sabrina was caught in a love triangle with Josh and Harvey for awhile.
    Too much cast changeover!
    During its ABC run, it was part of the inane TGIF comedy block.
    After ABC canceled the series, The WB network picked it up where it never achieved the same ratings during its first four seasons.
    Some fans say the show jumped the shark when Sabrina ventured into college or when the aunts left as series regulars.
    By the witches council's rules, Zelda was first turned into a child, and then into a candle so that Sabrina could see her mother.

Why Sabrina the Teenage Witch might not be annoying:

    It made Melissa Joan Hart a star.
    It cast several famous faces.
    Doesn't Sabrina's magical power make you envious?
    Over the show's run, Sabrina turned from a naive teenager to a smart and sassy young adult.
    Sabrina had to sacrifice her relationships with Josh and Harvey in order to save Hilda from falling apart.
    In return, Zelda fixed Sabrina's broken heart by sacrificing her adult years.
    Despite neatly marrying a mortal human named Aaron in the series finale, Sabrina called off the wedding and married Harvey instead, much to the show's loyal fans delight.
    There were also many guest stars during the show's tenure.

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