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The Resume

    (1960- )
    Located in Nashville, Tennessee
    Previously located in Houston, Texas (1960-1996) and Memphis, Tennessee (1997-98)
    Formerly known as the Houston Oilers (1970-1996), Tennessee Oilers (1997-98)
    No Super Bowl championships
    Two retired numbers after relocation: Steve McNair's #9 and Eddie George's #27

Why they might be annoying:

    Their primary logo kind of ripped off the WHMIS Oxidizing Materials symbol.
    Their relocation can be credited to team owner Bud Adams' stalemate with Houston city officials, when they wouldn't finance a new stadium for his team.
    They used the Oilers nickname and logos for their first couple seasons, despite the fact there are no oilfields in the state.
    Their move to Tennessee proved to be problematic, as they were forced out of Houston a year ahead of schedule due to an uninterested fanbase and lack of both media and corporate support.
    They played at the Liberty Bowl in Memphis for the first year in front of sparse crowds.
    Memphis residents were apathetic towards them, primarily due to the fact they were based out of Nashville and couldn't find a suitable temporary venue within the Greater Nashville region.
    Despite their initial objections to playing at Nashville's Vanderbilt Stadium temporarily, they relented after Memphis rejected the team.
    Their first Super Bowl appearance was remembered for Steve McNair underthrowing a potential game winning touchdown pass to Kevin Dyson, who fell short of the goal line by a few inches (1999).
    Despite having players like Eddie George, Steve McNair, Frank Wycheck and Jevon Kearse during the franchise's early years, they were notoriously inconsistent.

Why they might not be annoying:

    They rebranded themselves as a way to connect with their new market, and opted to brand themselves as a state-wide entity, rather then to the Nashville region.
    They went 13-3 in their first season known as the Tennessee Titans.
    Their 1999 playoff win against the Buffalo Bills was called the 'Music City Miracle.' At the time, the Titans were losing to the Bills by 1 point with 16 seconds left on the clock. The play that they would run was called the 'Home-Run Throwback.' It included fielding the kick off return, pitching it to tight end Frank Wycheck who, in-turn, would lateral it to wide receiver Kevin Dyson, who ran for 75 yards for the touchdown. The Titans would go on to represent the AFC in the Super Bowl that season.
    They saw a surge in popularity and fan interest within the Greater Nashville region, due to the team's contributions to the relief efforts when a tornado caused serious damage (1999).
    Similar to the NHL's Nashville Predators, their games are frequented by country music superstars.
    They were instrumental in helping the city of Nashville branch out of its reputation of being predominantly known for country music.

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