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Jenny Craig

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The Resume

    (1932- )
    Birth name is Genevieve Guidroz
    Started her weight loss program in Melbourne Australia (1983)
    Opened in the U.S. (1985)

Why she might be annoying:

    She lost credibility after paying Monica Lewinsky one million dollars as spokesmodel, when Monica failed on her plan (1999).
    Lewinsky only lost 31 of her 60 pound goal and was paid only $300,000.
    Her company claimed Lewinsky was an inappropriate role model.
    Lewinsky is in the process of suing the company.
    Dieters pay her to eat food they can't stand.
    You never see a senior citizen spokesperson in commercials (makes you wonder).
    She claims it is a weight loss 'non-diet' program, yet it is almost entirely based on her food.
    Her plan claims eat sensibly and exercise regularly, no quick fix, but when a diet pill started taking her customers away, she introduced it into her plan (friggin' hypocrite, 1997).
    The drug (femfem) was later deemed dangerous and was pulled from the market.

Why she might not be annoying:

    She never released an exercise video.
    She never did a 'Boflex' infomercial.
    In 1995, she fell asleep watching TV with her jaw open. She woke up and her lower jaw snapped shut over her upper teeth, causing her jaw to be 'chronically dislocated' and making it painful to talk or move her mouth. Within weeks, her muscles weakened and she could not even talk (she used her tongue to open her mouth).
    After going to many dentists and doctors, surgical reattachment helped her (1999).
    She is still taking speech therapy.
    Some information provided by Tim Howard

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