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The Resume

    (1595-March 21, 1617)
    Birth name is Motoaka
    Famous for her supposed love affair with colonist John Smith
    Married tobacco grower John Rolfe
    Daughter of Powhatan, leader of the Alogonquian Indians

Why she might be annoying:

    Much of what Americans think they know about her are urban legends.
    John Smith probably made up the whole story of their love affair.
    She married an Englishman, even though the English were destroying her people.
    She was known to be an obnoxious trouble maker.
    Her death caused more tension between the Native Americans and English colonists.

Why she might not be annoying:

    She was a lively teenager and sometimes did naked cartwheels in front of Jamestown.
    She was once kidnapped and held for ransom by the English.
    She tried to promote peace.
    Her marriage to John Rolfe caused temporary peace between colonists and Native Americans.
    She died of pneumonia on sail to England.

Credit: Ratman

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