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Jim Sweeney

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The Resume

    (February 7, 1955- )
    Birth name is Michael James Sweeney
    Appeared in 'The Suicidal Dog (2000)' and on 'Whose Line is it Anyway? (1991-1994)'
    Guest starred on 'Kiss Me Kate,' 'Just A Minute' and 'Blackadder'
    A member of 'The Comedy Store Players' improv troupe
    Has done extensive radio work in the UK

Why he might be annoying:

    He attended an all-boys Catholic school.
    He had a child out of wedlock.
    He loves curry and other Indian foods.
    He labels Guinness 'the champagne of beers.'
    He calls himself a 'show off.'
    He said his greatest TV moment was reading a story about an electric scarecrow to Zippy, George and Bungle on Rainbow.

Why he might not be annoying:

    Proclaimed the father of British improvisation by critics.
    His interest in theatre and improvisation has been kindled by a desire to explore and express the human condition through drama.
    'Josie Lawrence' has described him as a blond Jesus.
    In his first play 'Danny's Wake' he appeared with Steve Steen, winning a Fringe First at the Edinburgh Festival (1999).
    He won the Granada Media Comedy Writing Award.
    He said 'I get paid money to go places and talk to people ... How can I complain?'

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