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Paul Rudd

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The Resume

    (April 6, 1969- )
    Films include 'Cluless,' 'Romeo + Juliet,' '200 Cigarettes,' 'The Cider House Rules,' 'Anchorman,' 'The 40-Year-Old Virgin,' 'Night At The Museum,' 'Knocked Up,' 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall,' 'Role Models,' 'I Love You Man,' 'Dinner For Schmucks' and 'This Is 40'
    Portrayed Mike Hannigan on ' Friends'

Why he might be annoying:

    He once co-starred in an educational film about sexual molestation.
    He is often confused with another actor named Paul Rudd (b. 1940) who was also featured in a lot of TV productions.
    He said: 'I'm a mystery, I'm a riddle, baby, you can't figure me out in one sitting.'

Why he might not be annoying:

    He majored in theater at the 'University of Kansas' and graduated at the 'American Academy of Dramatic Arts' in Los Angeles, California.
    Before his career took off, he was a DJ at Bar Mitzvahs.
    He got married to his girlfriend of five years, Julie Yaeger (2003).
    One of his classmates at the 'American Academy of Dramatic Arts' was actor, Matthew Lillard.
    He was chosen to participate in a three-month intensive workshop at the British Drama Academy at Oxford University.
    Some of the people that influence his career are Elvis Costello and Tom Waits.
    He was on EW's 'It' List as 'Its 7th Friend' (2003).

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