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Richard Milhous Nixon

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U.S. President

The Resume

    (January 13, 1913-April 23, 1994)
    U.S. Vice President (1953-61)
    37th U.S. President (January 20, 1969-August 10, 1974)
    Republican Congressman from California (1949-51)
    Republican Senator from California (1951-53)
    Only U.S. President to resign his office

Why he might be annoying:

    He resigned as President when it was apparent that he would be impeached and thrown out of office (August 9, 1974 (effective August 10th)).
    He ran under the platform that he had a plan to end the Vietnam War, yet the war rage throughout his entire tenure as President.
    His choice for Vice President, Spiro Agnew, resigned after pleading no contest to accepting bribes.
    As a congressman, he accused many people as being sympathetic to communism.
    He was commander-and-chief when four Kent State students were slain by the National Guard (1970).
    When he lost his election for Governorship of California, he bitterly told the press: 'You wouldn't have Nixon to kick around any more' (1962), but changed his mind and ran for President in 1968.
    He suffered from depression.

Why he might not be annoying:

    He loved dogs.
    He made a famous speech when he was accused of taking gifts while running for President, where he claimed the only gift he got was a dog named Checkers (1952).
    He appeared on 'Laugh-In.'
    He was President when men first landed on the Moon (1969).
    He began diplomacy with the People's Republic of China.
    The character Milhous on the Simpsons is named in his honor.
    Anthony Hopkins was nominated for an Oscar for portraying him in Oliver Stone's 1995 epic, 'Nixon.'
    He was married to Pat Nixon for 53 years, until she died (1993)

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