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DeGrassi Junior High

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TV Series

The Resume

    (January 18, 1987-March 6, 1989)
    Premise: A group of schoolchildren in Toronto, Ontario dealing with real-life teenage issues
    Dayo Ade as Bryant Lister 'BLT' Thomas
    David Armin-Parcells as Claude Tanner (1988-1991)
    Sara Ballingall as Melanie Brodie
    Stefan Brogren as Archie 'Snake' Simpson
    Darrin Brown as Dwayne Myers (1986-1987, 1988-1991)
    Tammy Campbell as Trudi Owens
    Michael Carry as Simon Dexter
    Christopher Charlesworth as Scott 'Scooter' Webster (1987-1991)
    Sarah Charlesworth as Susie Rivera
    Amanda Cook as Lorraine 'L. D.' Delacorte
    Irene Courakos as Alexa Pappadopoulos
    Angela Deiseach as Erica Farrell
    Maureen Deiseach as Heather Farrell
    Byrd Dickens as Scott (1988-1990)
    Craig Driscoll as Rick Munro
    Anais Granofsky as Lucy Fernandez
    Michelle Goodeve as Karen Avery
    Rebecca Haines as Kathleen Mead
    Neil Hope as Derek 'Wheels' Wheeler
    Jacy Hunter as Amy Holmes
    Cathy Keenan as Liz O' Rourke
    Kyra Levy as Maya Goldberg
    Pat Mastroianni as Joey Jeremiah
    Maureen McKay as Michelle Accette
    Stacie Mistysyn as Caitlin Ryan
    Billy Parrott as Shane McKay (1986-1988; 1989)
    Siluck Saysanasy as Yick Yu
    Amanda Stepto as Christine 'Spike' Nelson
    Nicole Stoffman as Stephanie Kaye (Kobalewscuy) (1986-1987)
    Duncan Waugh as Arthur Kobalewscuy

Why DeGrassi Junior High might be annoying:

    It was the typical 'after school special.'
    The school's most popular rock band, 'The Zit Remedy,' only knew one song and lacked musical talent.
    Two episodes dealing with teen pregnancy and lesbianism were banned in the U.K.
    Director Kit Hood was unhappy when PBS cut part of an episode about abortion, and accused PBS of giving the episode 'an American ending, all happy and safe.'
    The students would call each other 'broomheads.'

Why DeGrassi Junior High might not be annoying:

    It tackled many teen issues, such as teen pregnancy, abortion, suicide, censorship, divorce, sex, shoplifting, and many others.
    It was syndicated to over 45 countries, and contained sub-titles in over 30 languages.
    The actors were not glamorized celebrities, instead they were actual schoolchildren that did not look like perfect, airbrushed models.
    Most of the child actors did not burn out like most child stars, instead they went on to lead more normal lives or to continue acting (some even act in the spin-off 'Degrassi - The Next Generation').
    It was one of the spin-offs of 'The Kids of DeGrassi Street,' along with 'DeGrassi High,' 'DeGrassi High the Next Generation,' 'DeGrassi Talks' and 'DeGrassi: School's Out.'
    The directors, writers, and family members of the actors occasionally made cameos in bit parts.

Credit: I Hate U 10666

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