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Why Dancing With the Stars might be annoying:

    The judges account for half the vote which strongly influences who stays and who goes.
    In an embarrassing moment Samantha Harris revealed the cumulative scores before the judges voted.
    It was explained the judges lock in their vote before displaying their votes.
    The competition is unfair pitting clumsy people like Master P and Kenny Mayne against professional dancers like Mario Lopez and Sabrina Bryan.
    It ended a number of marriages and relationships.
    Sara Evans quit the competition to tend to her divorce.
    After losing to Kelly Monaco, John O'Hurley was a poor sport and challenged her to another dance-off. She beat him again.
    They canned Lisa Canning after the first year.
    Drew Lachey did a god awful job temporarily replacing Samantha Harris.
    Wayne Newton tortured the audience by singing live.

Why Dancing With the Stars might not be annoying:

    Originally intended as a summer fill-in, it grew to be a top rated series.
    The series attracts male viewers because of the half naked women and female viewers because of the buff males.
    There were many wardrobe malfunctions.
    Most weeks it was the #1 rated show.
    Unlike other TV competitions they do not go with the American Idol type of judges, with one really nice judge and another brutally honest judge.
    Heather Mills temporarily improved her reputation by dancing on the series.
    Marie Osmond fainted after dancing, making live television interesting.

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