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Lindsay Sloane

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The Resume

    (August 8, 1977- )
    Portrayed Marcy Sternfeld/Kim Peterson on 'Grosse Pointe,' Valerie Birkhead on 'Sabrina, the Teenage Witch,' Zoey Miller on 'Mr. Rhodes' and Alice Pedermeir on 'Wonder Years'
    Acted in 'The Wedding Party (2003),' 'Exposed (2002),' 'Homeward Bound (2002),' 'Man's Best Friend (2002),' 'Bring It On (2000),' 'Student Affairs (1999),' 'Seven Girlfriends (1999),' 'Sabrina, Down Under (1999),' 'Win a Date (1998)' and 'Between Mother and Daughter (1995)'

Why she might be annoying:

    She said she prefers playing a neurotic character, because she can act out her own neurosis.
    Her hair color was digitally altered for 'Grosse Point.'
    She started auditioning at eight.
    She wanted to be a guest star on 'Sex in the City' because she admires Sarah Jessica Parker.
    She said her reason for leaving 'Sabrina' was 'I felt like I had done all I could on that show; it was time to move on.'
    She likes opera.
    She looks a bit like Tori Spelling, which helped her land the role on 'Grosse Point.'
    She describes herself as a freak.
    She said if she could have any power she would want to be able 'to fall asleep at any given moment.'
    She has a temper.
    She quit her piano lessons in the first week, and now regrets it.

Why she might not be annoying:

    She learned to drive at sixteen, so her mother would not have to 'schlep' her to auditions.
    She rescued a dog from a shelter and named it Misi.
    She likes Dave Matthews Band, Macy Gray and Dido.
    She hates racism.
    She is left handed.

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