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Santa Anna

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World Leader

The Resume

    (February 21, 1794-June 21, 1876)
    Birth name is Antonio López de Santa Anna
    Joined the New Spain colonial army
    Declared loyalty to the Mexican rebels
    Drove the Spanish out of Veracruz and rewarded the rank of General (1821)
    Governor of Veracruz (1821-1833)
    Defeated the Spanish at Tampico, effectively ending Spanish claims to the entire country and giving Mexico home rule (1829)
    Elected President of the Republic of Mexico (1833)
    Assumed totalitarian powers to prevent liberal reforms and centralize the government
    Presided over the Texas Revolution (1835-1836)
    Defeated by the Texan rebellion at the Battle of San Jacinto (April 22, 1836)
    Captured by the Texas forces, who forced him to allow Texan independence (April 23, 1836)
    Exiled to the United States upon his return to Mexico City (1837)
    Returned to Mexico to fight in the 'Pastry War' against France (1838)
    Exiled again, this time to Cuba, after issues with taxes (1844)
    Returned from exile to Mexico City to use his military experience to fight off the Americans during the Mexican-American War (1846)
    Fought an unsuccessful war against the Americans, exiled to Venezuela (1848)
    Invited back to Mexico by rebellious conservatives (1853)
    Exiled to Cuba by rebellious conservatives (1855)
    Returned to Mexico after being awarded amnesty (1874)
    Spent thousands of dollars breeding roosters for high-stakes cock fighting
    Died in poverty in Mexico City
    Born into a lower-middle class family
    HID: 11614
    Elena Berezhnaya (October 11, 1977- , born in Nevinnomyssk, Russia)
    Anton Sikharulidze (October 25, 1976- , born in Leningrad, Russia)

Why he might be annoying:

    He called himself 'The Victor of Tampico' and 'The Savior of the Fatherland' for his victory at Tampico.
    His biggest military success at Tampico, although he was outnumbered by Spanish forces, was still overrated as most of the 2,000 Spanish soldiers were afflicted with yellow fever.
    He is demonized by Hollywood in movies concerning the only real reason Americans even know his name, in association with the Alamo.
    He more or less sold out to Americans by giving them Mexican land in exchange for money he would use to line his own pockets.
    He lost his leg to a cannon shell in a skirmish with the French at Veracruz during the 'Pastry War,' and had a separate funeral and burial for it.
    He would take off his wooden leg and hold it in the air as he rode on horseback.
    He symbolized the political instability of the first years of the Republic of Mexico.
    He was a devoted fan of cock fighting.

Why he might not be annoying:

    He fought more battles in his lifetime than George Washington and Napoleon combined.
    He made more amazing comebacks in his lifetime than Richard Nixon and Cher combined.

Credit: Captain Howdy

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