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Ted Rogers, Jr.

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TV Reality Show Contestant

The Resume

    (December 28, 1964- )
    Currently resides in Durham, North Carolina
    Former football player
    12th person voted out of 'Survivor 5: Thailand' (5th jury member)

Why he might be annoying:

    He was a founding member of the Big Dog Riders Motorcycle Club.
    On 'Survivor,' he caused friction among his tribe when he sexually grinded up against tribe member Ghandia Johnson during the night, mistaking her for his wife.
    He caused more friction when he failed to properly tie up the tribe's boat, causing it to float away at sea.
    During merger, he alienated himself even further by going off alone without telling anyone.
    He made a fool out of himself by getting drunk at a reward challenge, despite rarely drinking back home.
    He was lead to believe he was secure within his tribe, but was the first person cut loose, betrayed by even his closest allies.

Why he might not be annoying:

    He received a Bachelor of Science degree in Management in Information Systems at Morgan State University.
    He played in the NFL for the Dallas Cowboys during their 1994 pre-season.
    He practices yoga.
    He had a winning attitude while on 'Survivor,' winning several individual challenges including one with his brother helping out.

Credit: Jet

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