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Amir Johnson

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Basketball Player

The Resume

Why he might be annoying:

    He attended three different high schools in a four year span.
    Despite having a large frame, he struggled finding teams to play on growing up.
    He initially committed to play for the University of Louisville, only to relent and enter the NBA Draft instead.
    He holds the distinction of being the last American-born player to be drafted into the NBA out of the high school ranks.
    He drew fire from basketball pundits, after he pulled out a cell phone on the bench to show a teammate a text message, while the Sixers were down by 10 points in a game (2019).

Why he might not be annoying:

    He overcame an impoverished childhood growing up in South Central Los Angeles to reaching the NBA.
    He scored his first NBA basket on a windmill dunk.
    He rose to prominence following his trade to the Raptors.
    He was the second ever receipient of the NBA Hustle Award (2018).
    He gives back to his community in his spare time away from basketball.

Credit: Eddie Burphy

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