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The Resume

    (October 1, -October 31, )
    Tenth month of the year
    31 days
    Named for Octavus (Latin for eighth month)
    Birth flower: Marigold (Calendula) and Cosmos
    Birthstone: Opal and Rose
    Astrological sign is Libra and Scorpio

Why October might be annoying:

    Despite not being the 8th month in over 2 millenniums, it retains Octo meaning 8 in its name.
    It is the first full month of autumn.
    The Russian revolution of 1917 is commemorated (even though it was actually November on the Gregorian calendar).

Why October might not be annoying:

    The leaves on trees change colors making for beautiful landscapes.
    Rock and Roll is celebrated as Rocktober.
    Kids get to trick or treat on Halloween.
    Many adults enjoy drinking beer in what is called Octoberfest.
    The World Series is played.
    Reggie Jackson, who excelled at the World Series, became known as Mr. October.
    In Canada, they celebrate Thanksgiving.
    Columbus 'discovered' America (October 12, 1492).
    The US Supreme Court goes into session.
    United Nations Day is celebrated.
    Sputnik became the first man made object to orbit Earth (October 4, 1957).
    The Hawaiian Ironman Triathalon is competed.

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