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Colin Quinn

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The Resume

    (June 7, 1959- )
    Brooklyn, New York
    Hosted 'Remote Control (1987)'
    Writer & Featured Player on 'Saturday Night Live (1995-96, 2000)
    Appeared in 'Night at the Roxbury (1998),' 'Who's the Man (1993),' 'Caroline's Comedy Hour (1989),' '2 Hip 4 TV (1988),' 'Married to the Mob (1988),' 'Crocodile' Dundee II (1988),' 'Three Men and a Baby (1987),' 'Midnight Mass (1999)' and 'Celtic Pride (1996)'

Why he might be annoying:

    He smokes.
    He is no longer on 'SNL.'
    He considers his family 'non masculine' because his parents divorced.
    He had a book deal that never went through.
    His fans can't seem to join enough Web Rings around him.
    He can't cook, fill out a tax form or change the oil in his car.
    He hosted his own show 'Colin Quinn's Manly World,' a sports/comedy show.
    When asked by an interviewer for KidsPlay what he did in his spare time, his answer was that he played basketball, yelled at his brother, made phone calls & watched hoops. When asked if he had any pets, his response was his brother whom he gives lots of bowls of milk.
    When he was a child, his nickname was 'Apple Head' because he had a large head and small frame.
    His name sounds like part of your anus.

Why he might not be annoying:

    He played Robert De Niro to Jim Breuer's Joe Pesci on 'The Joe Pesci Show' on 'Saturday Night Live.' In that same skit, the real De Niro and Pesci showed up.
    He was often the anchor for 'SNL's Weekend Update.'
    He, along with fellow comedians Bill Cosby, Will Ferrell and George Wallace did a comedy fundraiser organized by Jerry Seinfeld, at New York's Carnegie Hall (Oct. 8, 2001)in the hopes to raise money & spirits in the aftermath of the terrorists attacks. All money raised went to the Twin Towers Fund, The New York Police And Fire Widows and The Children's Benefit Fund.
    He was the co-host of MTV's Remote Control for three years.
    He started his 12 year career as a stand-up comic in 1985, in such Manhattan clubs as 'Caroline's,' and 'The Comic Strip.'
    He was noted as being one of the stand out comics of the Eighties.
    He worked on an educational video dealing with the dangers of drugs, called 'Icy Death.'

Credit: Skunk Butt

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