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The Resume

    Established in the U.S. Constitution (1787); first convened in 1789
    Senate Chamber located in north wing of the U.S. Capitol Building, Washington D.C.
    Consists of 100 Senators - 2 from each of the 50 United States
    President of the Senate is the sitting Vice President of the United States
    As of 2012, has 16 Standing Committees
    Senators elected to six year terms with no term limitations

Why United States Senate might be annoying:

    Senators were elected by state legislatures until the 17th Amendment (1913) mandated Senators be elected by popular vote.
    National Committees and out-of-state special interest groups pour a lot of money into competitive Senate races.
    Historically, very few women and minorities have been elected to the Senate.
    Senators from the minority party might turn to filibustering bills put forth by Senators from the majority party.
    A 2010 study showed 66% of sitting U.S. Senators had a net worth of more than $1,000,000.
    Residents of the District of Columbia are granted no representation in the U.S. Senate.

Why United States Senate might not be annoying:

    States are guaranteed equal representation in the U.S. Senate.
    Needing to win statewide elections, Senators from 'toss up' states tend to be less extreme than members of the House.
    Senators vote to confirm Cabinet appointees and Supreme Court Justices, amongst other officials.
    Senators do not have the authority to create revenue bills, so bills introduced in the Senate cannot increase taxes.
    The Senate is the 'upper house' of the U.S. Congress; thus, Senate service is viewed as more prestigious than service in the House.
    The Senate is viewed as being slightly less partisan and polarized than the House (though, partisanship and polarization are a big problem).

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