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Audrey Meadows

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The Resume

    (February 8, 1922-February 3, 1996)
    Birth name was Audrey Cotter
    Best remembered for her role as Alice Kramden on 'The Honeymooners'
    Other TV series include 'Bob and Ray (1951-53),' 'The Jackie Gleason Show (1952-57),' 'Masquerade Party (1958-60),' 'That Was the Week That Was (1964),' 'Too Close for Comfort (1982-83)' and 'Uncle Buck (1990)'
    Acted in 'That Touch of Mink (1962),' 'Take Her, She's Mine (1963)' and 'Rosie! (1968)'
    Regular performer on 'Bob and Ray's TV Show' (1951)
    Portrayed Maggie Hogoboom on 'Uncle Buck' and Iris Martin on 'Too Close for Comfort'
    Performed on Broadway in 'Top Banana'

Why she might be annoying:

    She was married to her first husband for just two years (1956-58).
    She took the name 'Meadows' as it was her father's middle name.
    She was a chain smoker who died of lung cancer less than a week before her 70th birthday.
    Her sister Jayne Meadows used to call her Sara and she would call Jayne Meadows, Elinor.
    Originally Jackie Gleason felt she was totally wrong for the part because she looked to meek to stand up to his gruf exterior.
    Her first language was Chinese, she had to learn English as an adolescent.
    She divorced her first husband.
    She attended an all girls boarding school.

Why she might not be annoying:

    Her father was an Episcopal priest and her mother was a missionary.
    She won an Emmy for 'Best Supporting Actress in a Regular Series' for her work in 'The Jackie Gleason Show' (1955).
    She was the only cast member of the 'Honeymooners' whose contract included royalties for TV re-runs and sales of the episodes.
    She started the sit-com trend that still goes on today, of the overweight funny guy with the hot wife that is out of his league.
    She was a coloratura-soprano. She sang at Carnegie Hall at sixteen.
    Her voice was able to hit E above high C.
    She designed the first class interior of Continental Airlines DC-10 first class section. But then again her husband was CEO of Continental Airlines.
    She and sister, Jayne were extremely close. 'Jayne' was Audrey's last word before slipping into a coma.
    As Alice Kramden, she almost always wore flat shoes so as not to be taller than Jackie Gleason.
    Research: Tim Howard

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