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John Brown (Advocate)

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The Resume

    (May 9, 1800-December 2, 1859)
    Conductor on the Underground Railroad
    Attempted to start a nation-wide slave rebellion at Harper's Ferry, Virginia (October 16-18, 1859)
    Convicted of treason against the U.S. government
    Executed by hanging (December 2, 1859)

Why he might be annoying:

    He became convinced that he was God's selected instrument of terror against all racists.
    One night in Kansas territory, he and six followers heartlessly pulled several pro-slavery families out of their houses and proceeded to hack them to death with swords (May 23, 1856).
    He and a militia of 21 men killed innocent people at an attempt to start a slave rebellion at Harper's Ferry.
    His revolt was put down after a two day stand-off by marines under the command of Robert E. Lee.
    Two of his own sons were killed in the insurrection at Harper's Ferry.
    He was arrested after being seriously wounded in the skirmish at Harper's Ferry (October 18, 1859).
    Despite his noble intentions, he was still a murderer.

Why he might not be annoying:

    He was passionately opposed to slavery.
    He helped many slaves escape to freedom through the Underground Railroad.
    He dreamed of a world where blacks and whites lived together in equality.
    He scared the crap out of southern slave owners.
    He was a source of hope and inspiration for many slaves.
    He was the subject of a popular Union march song during the Civil War.

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