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Seattle, Washington

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The Resume

    (November 13, 1851- )
    Largest city in Washington state
    Began around Elliott Bay
    Started expanding in the late 19th century
    Major staging point for people moving to the Klondike gold mines
    Home of the University of Washington
    Located near major army and navy bases
    Host of the Seattle World's Fair (1962)
    Home of the Museum of Flight
    Baseball team is the Mariners
    Football team is the Seahawks
    Basketball team is the Sonics
    Major landmarks include the Columbia Tower and the Space Needle
    Population, including the suburbs, exceeds 1 million
    Affected by a magnitude 6.8 earthquake that caused billions of dollars in damage, but very few deaths
    Origin of the 'Grunge' craze

Why Seattle, Washington might be annoying:

    It was the scene of massive anti-WTO riots (1999) and Mardi Gras riots (2001).
    People frivolously accuse the police department of brutality and racial profiling whenever a black person is arrested.
    There are a substantial number of homeless people on the street.
    The weather is often cloudy and rainy.
    It has too many coffee shops.

Why Seattle, Washington might not be annoying:

    It was originally named after New York.
    One of the largest floating bridges in the world leads into the city.
    Microsoft, Starbucks,, Costco, Medtronic and Boeing all have large parts of their operations near Seattle.
    The stadium (Safeco Field) has a moveable roof.
    It is one of the West Coast's largest ports.
    It has a famous open-air market.
    It is the backdrop for the show 'Frasier'

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