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One Day at a Time (Netflix)

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TV Series

The Resume

    (January 6, 2017- )
    Reboot of One Day at a Time
    Streamed on Netflix (2017-19)
    Aired on Pop TV (2020 - )
    Justina Machado as Penelope Alvarez
    Todd Grinnell as Pat Schneider
    Isabella Gomez as Elena Alvarez
    Marcel Ruiz as Alex Alvarez
    Stephen Tobolowsky as Dr. Leslie Berkowitz
    Rita Moreno as Lydia Riera (Penelope's mom)
    Opening theme is 'This Is It' (sung by Gloria Estefan)
    Premise: Single mom and army vet raises two kids with the help of her live-in elderly mother

Why One Day at a Time (Netflix) might be annoying:

    It is yet another reboot of an old TV show.
    Its humor panders to SJWs.
    It changed out Indianapolis with the much more common Los Angeles for its location.
    It was unceremoniously canceled by Netflix, resulting in the show shopping around for another network - ultimately settling on Pop (aka TV Guide Channel).
    Over fifty years after winning an Academy Award and Rita still ends up using a stereotypical/exaggerated 'Cuban accent' (one episode even slips in a West Side Story throwback - 'Yes ... I like to be in ah-MER-ica').

Why One Day at a Time (Netflix) might not be annoying:

    It is yet one more reason to love Rita Moreno.
    It dealt with Penelope suffering from PTSD in several episodes.
    Although a reboot, it reimagined the setup completely, thereby becoming very much 'its own thing.'
    Fans of the show waged a #SaveODAAT social media campaign to get it picked up by a new network.
    While not the first Latino-ensemble show, it might be the first such sitcom to gain a huge following (except for maybe George Lopez but we won't go there).
    Elena's struggles with anxiety and getting her family to accept her LGBT identity made for compelling storylines.
    It hasn't gone out of its way to shove Penelope and Schneider into a forced love story, letting them both explore their own relationships and have their own experiences.
    It threw epic shade at the Roseanne reboot following the show's upheaval ('Reminder: [@OneDay is] about a tight-knit, working class family that tackles extremely topical social issues in a smart and innovative way. Ya know, if you’re suddenly looking for a show like that…)

Credit: BoyWiththeGreenHair

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