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Arthur Mercante, Jr.

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The Resume

    Son of Hall of Fame referee Arthur Mercante, Sr.
    Referees champion fights
    Refereed fight that cost Beethavean Scottland his life

Why he might be annoying:

    He refereed the fight where Beethavean Scottland was beaten and eventually died (June 2001).
    He received bad press for not stopping the fight where Scottland died and then months later received bad press for stopping a fight too soon.
    He said: 'You're darned if you do and darned if you don't (stop the fight).'
    He over officiates, constantly getting between boxers, even if they hold for a seconds.
    He wears a bow tie.
    He went into his dad's business.

Why he might not be annoying:

    He is no nonsense, berating boxer if they taunt, showboat or talk.
    He is fearless, throwing himself between boxers even in mid punch.
    He keeps the action going.
    He gives clear and loud instructions.

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    In 2021, Out of 11 Votes: 54.55% Annoying
    In 2020, Out of 3 Votes: 100% Annoying
    In 2019, Out of 2 Votes: 50.0% Annoying
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    In 2012, Out of 13 Votes: 76.92% Annoying
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    In 2010, Out of 23 Votes: 60.87% Annoying
    In 2009, Out of 23 Votes: 65.22% Annoying
    In 2008, Out of 21 Votes: 61.90% Annoying
    In 2007, Out of 63 Votes: 74.60% Annoying
    In 2006, Out of 99 Votes: 59.60% Annoying
    In 2005, Out of 170 Votes: 62.94% Annoying
    In 2004, Out of 219 Votes: 58.90% Annoying