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Chad Hedrick

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The Resume

    (April 17, 1977- )
    Won Olympic gold medal in 5000 meters, silver in 10000 meters and bronze in 1500 meters (2006)

Why he might be annoying:

    He is a loudmouth partier.
    He was called the 'Paris Hilton of Speed Skating' by the Dutch press.
    The Houston Chronicle newspaper said, 'If you rub him the wrong way, he's got a stubborn streak from here to Dalhart.'
    Before the 2006 Games, he boasted that he could equal Eric Heiden's record of five speedskating golds in one Olympics.
    However, he only won one.
    He blamed Shani Davis for the U.S. not medalling in the Olympic team pursuit competition (Davis preferred to concentrate on an individual event).
    That led to him refusing to shake Davis' hand after Davis won the 1000.

Why he might not be annoying:

    He was a champion in-line roller skater.
    He took up ice speedskating after watching a former in-line skater win a medal at the 2002 Olympics.
    He started winning world championships one and a half years after taking up the sport.
    His feud with Davis helped bring publicity to their otherwise-ignored sport.
    He was the third U.S. athlete to win three medals at a single Winter Olympics (2006).

Credit: Hoxy

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