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Oslo, Norway

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The Resume

    (circa 1080- )
    Capital and largest city in Norway
    Population (2011): 605,005
    Formerly known as Christiania (1624-1925)

Why Oslo, Norway might be annoying:

    The city was destroyed several times by fire.
    The Black Death (bubonic plague) severely devastated the population.
    Until the law, Fattigloven, was passed in 1900, it was a major outpost for child trafficking.
    During the winter months, temperatures can reach to levels below zero degrees Fahrenheit.
    Anarchist Anders Behring Breivik wreaked havoc in Oslo by bombing the Offices of Prime Minister and going on a shooting rampage at a nearby island resulting in as many as 76 deaths (July 22, 2011).
    The city has been listed as one the 'world's most expensive cities to live in' by many travel agencies and magazines.

Why Oslo, Norway might not be annoying:

    It served as host to the 1952 Winter Olympic Games.
    The place is home to many parks and nature preserves.
    It is easy to move around by public transportation, and people often ride bikes to travel within the vicinity.
    In 2003, Oslo received The European Sustainable City Award.
    It is home to the annual presentation of the The Nobel Peace Prize.
    The Globalization and World Cities Study Group and Network recognized Oslo as a 'Beta World City' in 2008.
    The Munch houses many of Edvard Munch's artworks including the world famous 'Scream' painting.

Credit: Birdienest81

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