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The Resume

    (January 1, 1901- )
    Continent in Oceania
    Claimed by the UK (1770) and gained independence from the UK (January 1, 1901)
    UK used Australia as a criminal colony (1788-1868)
    Nicknamed 'Down Under' and 'Oz'
    Native Australians are Aborigines
    Made up of Western Australia, Queensland, Northern Territory, South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales, Tasmania and Australian Capital Territory
    World's oldest, smallest, driest and flattest continent, but sixth-largest country

Why Australia might be annoying:

    The country has had severe droughts.
    On cold nights, aborigines huddle with their dogs to stay warm.
    Temperature is rated in dogs-per-man. A four-dog night is absolutely freezing.
    Tasmania is a major supplier of opiates.
    The world record for a kangaroo high jump is six feet.
    They gave us Yahoo Serious and Paul Hogan.
    There are more than twice as many kangaroos as people.
    The tradition of naming hurricanes came from an Australian forecaster who spitefully named these tropical storms after politicians he didn't like.
    Their most popular pizza topping is eggs.

Why Australia might not be annoying:

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