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Starland Vocal Band

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The Resume

    Formed in Washington, D.C.
    Bill Danoff – vocals
    Taffy Nivert – vocals
    Jon Carroll – keyboards/vocals
    Margot Chapman – vocals
    Best known for their hit ‘Afternoon Delight’
    Albums include ‘Starland Vocal Band (1976)’

Why they might be annoying:

    One of their members was named ‘Taffy.’
    They originally called themselves ‘Fat City.’
    Inexplicably, CBS gave them their own variety show, which flopped.
    Apart from ‘Afternoon Delight,’ they had little success.
    They took the phrase ‘Afternoon Delight’ from a lunch menu.
    The song is overused in retro movies like ‘Starsky and Hutch’ and ‘Anchorman.’
    It ranks highly on 'Worst Song of All Time' poll web sites.
    Like Fleetwood Mac and ABBA, the band was made up of two unhappy couples.

Why they might not be annoying:

    Their debut album was nominated for five Grammys, and won two.
    They wrote hit songs for John Denver, including ‘Country Roads.’
    They also wrote songs for Linda Ronstadt and Mary Travers.
    On their variety show, they gave David Letterman one of his first breaks in comedy.
    Not to shock anyone, but ‘Afternoon Delight’ is actually a euphemism for sex.

Credit: Wieland Kalligaro

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