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Rob Ray

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Hockey Player

The Resume

    (June 8, 1968- )
    Born in Stirling, Ontario, Canada
    Forward for the Buffalo Sabres (1989-2003) and Ottawa Senators (2003-04)
    King Clancy Award Winner (1999)

Why he might be annoying:

    He was a goon.
    He played 11 games in two seasons for the Senators.
    He removed his equipment prior to fighting to give himself an advantage over his opponent.
    He recorded over 3,000 career penalty minutes.
    He recorded 446 penalty minutes with the AHL's Rochester Americans (1988-89).
    He recorded between 200-300 penalty minutes on average during the course of a full season.

Why he might not be annoying:

    Despite his reputation as a goon, he was involved with various charities in the Western New York area.
    He was awarded the King Clancy Award as a result of his community work.
    He was involved in many classic hockey fights with Tie Domi.
    Despite their on-ice brawls, he and Domi were friends away from hockey.
    He wasn't afraid to stick up for his teammates.

Credit: Ricky

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