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Moscow, Russia

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The Resume

    (1147- )
    Russian name is Moskva
    Founding is traditionally dated as 1147
    Sacked by the Tatars (1237)
    Freed itself from subservience under Ivan the Great (late 1400s)
    Ivan greatly expanded the city's influence to include a large part of modern Russia
    His successor captured Siberia and the Volga region
    Population exceeded 200,000 (1571)
    Peter the Great moved the capital to St. Petersburg (c.1700)
    Captured by Napoleon, who was forced to leave a month later after a fire destroyed his supplies
    Rebuilt after his departure
    Population exceeded 1.4 million (1914)
    Scene of intense fighting during the Russian Revolution
    Russian (also Soviet) capital moved back to Moscow (1918)
    First metro line completed under Stalin (1935)
    Germans nearly captured the city during World War II (1941)
    Hosted the Olympic Games (1980)
    Remained capital of Russia after the fall of the Soviet Union
    Notable landmarks include the Kremlin, Red Square and Gorky Park

Why Moscow, Russia might be annoying:

    The Kremlin was captured, lost and recaptured by the Communists over an 8-day period in 1917.
    It was the capital of the largest police state in history.
    The Russian Mafia controls many of the city's businesses.
    Many old people in the city are having great economic difficulties.
    The air pollution level is fairly high.

Why Moscow, Russia might not be annoying:

    It has an excellent subway system.
    Its successful defense during World War II turned the tide of war on the Eastern Front.
    There are dozens of historic churches in the city.
    25% of all Russian tax revenue comes from Moscow.
    Muscovites rallied behind Boris Yeltsin in 1991, foiling a Communist coup attempt.
    It made a rapid transition from communism to capitalism.

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