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David Gahan

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The Resume

    (May 9, 1962- )
    Frontman of Depeche Mode (1980- )
    Released with Depeche Mode 'Speak & Spell' (1981), 'A Broken Frame' (1982), 'Construction Time Again' (1983), 'Some Great Reward' (1984), 'Black Celebration' (1986), 'Music for the Masses' (1987), 'Violator' (1990), 'Songs of Faith and Devotion' (1993), 'Ultra' (1997), 'Exciter' (2001) and 'Playing the Angel' (2005)
    Released solo 'Paper Monsters' (2003)

Why he might be annoying:

    He was a juvenile delinquent, whose crimes included stealing cars and various acts of vandalism.
    His criminal history made finding work difficult before joining Depeche Mode.
    He became addicted to heroin in the early '90s.
    He once slashed his wrists with a razor blade, but said it was 'more of a cry for help' than a suicide attempt. (1995)
    After releasing his solo album, he became bitter about having never written songs for Depeche Mode (Martin L. Gore is the groups primary songwriter), and threatened to quit the group if he wasn't allowed to contribute half an album's worth. (2004)

Why he might not be annoying:

    Depeche Mode have been extremely influential, especially on electronic music.
    He has been free of drugs for a decade.
    He was brought up believing his mothers' second husband to be his real father, and didn't meet his real father until he was 10.
    He was pronounced dead after a 1996 overdose, but was revived two minutes later.

Credit: Unknown

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