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TV Series

The Resume

    (September 15, 1977-July 17, 1983)
    Originally aired on NBC
    Larry Wilcox as John Baker (1977-82)
    Erik Estrada as Francis 'Ponch' Poncherello
    Robert Pine as Sergeant Joseph Getraer
    Paul Linke as Arthur Grossman
    Brodie Greer as Barry Baricza (1977-82)
    Lew Saunders as Gene Fritz (1977-81)
    Brianne Leary as Sindy Cahill (1978-79)
    Lou Wagner as Harlan Arliss (1978-83)
    Michael Dorn as Jebediah Turner (1979-82)
    Randi Oakes as Bonnie Clark (1979-82)
    Tom Reilly as Bobby 'Hot Dog' Nelson (1982-83)
    Bruce Penhall as Bruce Nelson (1982-83)
    Tina Gayle as Kathy Linahan (1982-83)
    Clarence Gilyard, Jr. as Benjamin Webster (1982-83)
    Premise: Two California Highway Patrol motorcycle Police Officers working out of Los Angeles

Why CHiPs might be annoying:

    Erik Estrada portrayed an Italian character but clearly had a Hispanic accent.
    To make matters worse, in Italian, 'ch' produces a 'k' sound. Therefore, as it was spelled (Poncherello), it should've been pronounced Punk-a-rello.
    Jon was supposed to be the star and focus of the show but was quickly surpassed by Ponch.
    As is the case with so many shows, they made a horrible reunion movie called 'CHiPs 99.'
    At one point, Estrada's ego was so out of control that he allegedly demanded half of the shows budget from MGM.
    In turn, MGM brought in Bruce Jenner to substitute as Officer Steve McLeish.
    Wilcox and Estrada often feuded which is rumored to be the reason Wilcox left the series in 1982.
    Estrada pitched Psychic Friends Network.

Why CHiPs might not be annoying:

    With Ponch becoming the more popular of the two, it proved that America was not always interested in just the blond hair/blue eyed star.
    Episodes included the duo, during mundane real life police activities such as helping stranded motorists and volunteering time with children.
    During breaks in filming, the cast donated blood for two real CHP officers who were shot in the line of duty. One officer died and the other survived (October 1981).
    Most of the characters on the show were named after real CHP officers.
    It gave kids heroes that worked an everyday job.
    They never showed an officer drawing his gun.

Credit: Larry Biz

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