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The Resume

    (1964- )
    Formed in London
    Formally broke up in 1983 but regrouped many times
    Keith Moon (August 23, 1947-September 7, 1978, Drummer)
    Replaced by Kenny Jones (1979)
    Replaced by Simon Phillips (1989)
    Pete Townshend (May 19, 1945-, Guitarist)
    Roger Daltrey (March 1, 1944- , Vocalist)
    John Entwistle (October 9, 1944-June 27, 2002, Bassist)
    John 'Rabbit' Bundrick (Keyboardist, added in 1979)
    Recorded 'My Generation,' 'The Seeker,' 'Subsitute' and the rock opera 'Tommy'

Why they might be annoying:

    Keith Moon was a drug addict who died of an overdose (1978).
    Pete Townshend almost died from his abuse of cocaine, heroin, tranquilizers and alcohol (1981).
    Townshend pushed the other members of the band into various forms of music they weren't as enthusiastic about.
    'Tommy,' with its cinematic and stage adaptions, overshadowed The Who themselves.
    Their reunion tours have largely been ignored by the public and critics have given them harsh reviews.
    They charge a premium for their tours and bill most of them as farewell tours, which they are not.
    Eleven audience members at a Cincinnati concert were trampled to death, more deaths than any other concert (December 3, 1979).
    John Entwistle died of a heart attack at the fifty-seven, the night before the opening night of their 2002 tour.

Why they might not be annoying:

    Their rock opera 'Tommy' was made into a motion picture and Broadway musical.
    They refused to conform to the punk movement in the late '70s and their album Quadrophenia became a big hit in 1978.
    Fans at their Cincinnati concert were so desperate to get good seats that eleven were trampled to death (1979).
    They are one of the best known rock bands.

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