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Stone Roses

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The Resume

    Formed in Manchester, England
    Ian Brown, vocalist (1985-1996)
    John Squire, guitarist (1985-1996)
    Andy Couzens, guitarist (1985-1987)
    Pete Garner, bassist (1985-1987)
    Reni (Alan John Wren), drummer (1985-1995)
    Mani (Gary Mounfield), bassist (1987-1996)
    Robbie Maddix, drummer (1995-1996)
    Aziz Ibrahim, guitarist (1996)
    Recorded Albums 'The Stone Roses' (1989) and 'Second Coming' (1994)
    Recorded 'Fools Gold,' 'I Wanna Be Adored,' 'She Bangs the Drums,' 'Love Spreads,' 'One Love,' 'I Am the Resurrection,' 'Elephant Stone,' 'Shoot You Down,' 'Bye Bye Badman,' 'Ten Storey Love Song,' 'Begging You,' 'Waterfall,' '(Song for My) Sugar Spun Sister,' 'This Is the One,' 'Made of Stone' and 'Don't Stop'

Why they might be annoying:

    Their second album was a critical disaster.
    They lost media attention after the release of 'Second Coming.'
    Due to a lengthy legal battle with Silvertone Records, they were prevented from recording new material.
    John was addicted to cocaine.
    Other Manchester bands, like the Happy Mondays, were able to have successful comebacks, they didn't.
    At the 1996 Reading Festival, they were such a disaster, that fans booed and threw stuff at them.
    Ian Brown, was imprisoned for four months for threatening an airline stewardess (1998).

Why they might not be annoying:

    The British newspaper, 'The Observer' placed 'The Stone Roses' as the #1 British album of all time (including the Beatles).
    Liam Gallagher decided on a career in music after attending a Stone Roses concert.
    'The Stone Roses' charted at #4 on the UK charts and #86 on the US charts.
    Although Ian was not that great of a musician, he easily entertained the crowd and gave them an exciting show.
    They won their lawsuit against Silvertone Records.
    John broke his collar bone while bicycling, causing them to miss the 25th Glastonbury festival (1995).
    Ian Brown was very successful as a solo, topping the charts and collaborating with artists such as Noel Gallagher.
    Some of the band members still perform Stone Roses songs at their solo gigs. Mani joined Ian at one gig to perform a few Stone Roses songs.
    They influenced many Britpop bands including Travis, Oasis, Blur, Suede, The Verve and the Charlatans UK.

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