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Paris, France

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The Resume

    (52 BC- )
    Founded by the Romans
    Capital of France
    Population is greater than 2,000,000
    Over 11,000,000 (metropolitan area)
    Center of the French-speaking world
    Located on an island in the river Seine

Why Paris, France might be annoying:

    Jacques Chirac was a former mayor of Paris who was accused of government corruption.
    It was the home of French kings until King Louis XIV moved to Versailles.
    The Black Death struck Paris in the 14th Century.
    It was held by the English during much of the Hundred Year's War.
    The Nazis marched into Paris after crushing France during WW II.
    It was struck with student riots and worker's strikes during Charles de Gaulle's last days as president (1968).
    Even after WW II, Paris still has incidents of Anti-Semitism (recently between Jews and Muslims).
    It is the namesake for Paris Hilton.

Why Paris, France might not be annoying:

    It's the home of the Eiffel Tower.
    The French Revolution began in Paris.
    The first of many French republics was born in Paris.
    During WW II, the Allies liberated Paris after the Germans surrendered without a fight.
    It hosted the 1900 Summer Olympics.
    It's rich with museums and art.
    Paris's architecture is described as beautiful.

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