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Busta Rhymes

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The Resume

    (May 20, 1972- )
    Raised in Brooklyn and Uniondale, New York
    Birth name is Trevor Smith, Jr.
    Songs include 'Woo-Hah!! Got You All in Check,' 'It's a Party,' 'Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See,' ''Dangerous,' 'Turn it Up' 'Gimmie Some More,' 'What's It Gonna Be?! (with Janet Jackson),' 'Get Out!!,' 'Bladow!!,' 'Fire,' 'Break Ya Neck, 'Pass the Courvoisier,' 'Make It Clap' and 'I Know What You Want (with Mariah Carey)'
    Member of the Flipmode Squad
    Was a member of the group 'Leaders of the New School'
    Acted in 'Waiting...(2003),' 'Blood Money (2003),' 'Death of a Dynasty (2003),' 'The O.Z. (2002/TV),' 'Halloween: Resurrection (2002),' 'Narc (2002),' 'Finding Forrester (2000),' 'Shaft (2000),' 'The Rugrats Movie (1998),' 'Higher Learning (1995)' and 'Who's the Man? (1993)'
    Appeared in ads for Mountain Dew and Miller Lite

Why he might be annoying:

    He is known for having distinctive long hair and clothing sense.
    He received five years probation for a gun possession charge (2000).
    He was charged for assaulting a woman (2003).
    He had a couple of children with a woman out of wedlock.
    He smokes.
    He is a high school dropout.
    He is tattooed.
    He has a clothing line.
    He is not related to LeAnn Rimes.

Why he might not be annoying:

    He is charismatic.
    He is known for having a great sense of humor.
    Public Enemy's Chuck D gave him his nickname, which he based on a football player, Buster Rhymes.
    His first son born out of wedlock died due to a premature birth.
    He has done charity work to aid children living in the cities.
    He ranked number 28 in VH-1's 50 Greatest Hip Hop Artists.

Credit: Whiff Boy

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