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The Resume

    (1989- )
    Formed in England
    Brett Anderson, vocalist/lyricist/guitarist (1989- )
    Mat Osman, bassist (1989- )
    Bernard Butler, guitarist (1989-1994)
    Justine Frischmann, guitarist (1989-1992)
    Simon Gilbert, drummer (1991- )
    Richard Oakes, guitarist (1994- )
    Neil Codling, keyboardist (1996-2002)
    Alex Lee, guitarist/keyboardist/background vocalist (2002- )
    Recorded Albums 'Suede,' (1993) 'Dog Man Star,' (1994) 'Coming Up,' (1997) 'Head Music,' (1999) 'A New Morning' (2002) and 'See You in the Next Life' (2004)
    Recorded 'Metal Mickey,' 'Electricity,' 'Animal Nitrate,' 'She's in Fashion,' 'We Are the Pigs,' 'New Generation,' 'So Young,' 'Sleeping Pills,' 'Beautiful Ones,' 'Positivity,' 'Drowners' and 'She's Not Dead'

Why they might be annoying:

    Due to a lawsuit, they were forced to change their name to 'The London Suede,' because a lounge singer was performing under that name.
    While recording 'Dog Man Star,' Bernard walked out on the band without saying a word.
    All members are vegetarians except for Richard who says that the vegetarian lifestyle is 'too modern.'
    Brett Anderson was famous in the British press for saying 'I'm a bi-sexual who never had a gay experience.'

Why they might not be annoying:

    Their name was taken from the Morrissey song, 'Suedehead.'
    'Suede,' 'Coming Up' and 'Head Music' all went to number one on the UK Albums chart.
    They had nineteen hits on the UK Top 40 Singles chart.
    'Suede' won the 1993 Mercury Music Prize award for Best British Album.
    Brett and Mat left the original band to attend a university in London.
    Simon was attacked in a hate crime for being a homosexual. (1996)
    Neil left the band due to 'chronic fatigue syndrome,' which is the inability to perform daily tasks due to extreme tiredness and exhaustion. (2002)
    Brett and Bernard are still working together, both in a band called, 'The Tears.'

Credit: Whitestrpsrocker

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