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Daniel Boone (TV Series)

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TV Series

The Resume

    (September 24, 1964-September 10, 1970)
    Born in United States
    Originally aired on NBC, produced by Aaron Rosenberg, Barney Rosenzweig, and Fess Parker
    Fess Parker as Daniel Boone
    Patricia Blair as Rebecca Boone
    Ed Ames as Mingo
    Darbey Hinton as Israel Boone
    Veronica Cartwright as Jemima Boone
    Albert Salmin as Yadkin
    Dallas McKennon as Cincinnatus
    Roosevelt Grier as Gabe Cooper
    Jimmy Dean as Josh Clements
    Synopsis - Based on the adventures of real-life frontier hero Daniel Boone and his expeditions around Boonesborough, during and after the Revolutionary War, along with his family and his best friend, Mingo
    Theme Song composed by Vera Matson and Lionel Newman

Why Daniel Boone (TV Series) might be annoying:

    In case you're wondering, Daniel Boone was a man. Yes, a big man (corny theme song).
    Parker was given his own answer to Tonto, a noble Indian guide named 'Mingo' played by the caucasian Ed Ames.
    It featured manufactured teen idol, Fabian, as a guest star.
    The show's theme song received a 'groovy' makeover in the final season, with a rendition by a the Christian pop group, The Imperials.
    The show's popularity suffered after Ed Ames left to focus on his singing career. It was eventually bumped off the air by the Flip Wilson Show.
    In reality, Daniel Boone had ten children, but to save on payroll, that number was reduced to two; Israel and Jemima.
    Jemima Boone became victim to the 'Chuck Cunningham Syndrome,' disappearing without any explanation after Season 2.
    In real life, Jemima was kidnapped by Shawnee Indians and was famously rescued by her father. Maybe the show's Boone just couldn't be bothered!
    NBC execs had had failed to attain the rights from Disney for a Davy Crockett series starring Fess and had to settle for the frontier's 'next best thing' (Parker kept the coon-skin cap and basically did the same thing - no one really noticed).
    Many storylines took liberties with history, often shifting between time periods with little regard for chronology (ex. having episodes where Daniel Boone battles Aaron Burr and rescues President John Adams; he would have been over 70 in real life).

Why Daniel Boone (TV Series) might not be annoying:

    Rebecca Boone was hot!
    It was the precursor to family-oriented period shows like The Waltons and Little House on the Prairie.
    It provided job security for country singing sausage-magnate-to-be Jimmy Dean, former NFLer Rosey Grier, and even a young Jodie Foster (one-time guest star).
    It provided a complex view of Indian tribal life & politics (Mingo also challenged stereotypes about American Indians; he was Oxford-educated and worldlier than his partner).
    For all its anachronisms, it made American history interesting to the general public, with cameos made by figures like Benjamin Franklin, Patrick Henry, George Washington, and Marquis de Lafayette.
    Fess Parker and Patricia Blair had excellent chemistry as husband and wife. Interestingly, the two would die only three years apart, in 2010 and 2013 respectively.
    It frequently used episodes about slavery or Indian removal to make veiled arguments for modern-day integration/civil rights (it was also the only show to do so which also held a strong audience in the South, where it mattered most).
    It was inclusive of black performers who found difficulty getting quality roles elsewhere, including Brock Peters, Ethel Waters, Woody Strode, Jean Sewell, Rafer Johnson, and Don Pedro Colley.
    As it evolved into a more socially conscious show, it removed a shot of Boone shooting an Indian dead from the opening segment.
    A hilarious Tonight Show segment had Ed Ames demonstrate his tomahawk-throwing skills and unintentionally level it between the legs of a the cowboy-outline, eliciting riotous laughter from the audience and a deadpan reaction from Johnny Carson (it would be a favorite on Carson's anniversary show blooper reels).

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