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Sue Mengers

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The Resume

    (September 2, 1932-October 15, 2011)
    Born in Hamburg, Germany
    Hollywood talent agent with International Creative Management and the William Morris Agency
    Clients included Ann-Margaret, Candice Bergen, Peter Bogdanovich, Michael Caine, Dyan Cannon, Cher, Joan Collins, Biran DePalma, Faye Dunaway, Bob Fosse, Gene Hackman, Sidney Lumet, Ali MacGraw, Steve McQueen, Mike Nichols, Nick Nolte, Ryan O'Neal, Tatum O'Neal, Anthony Perkins, Burt Reynolds, Cybil Shepherd, Barbra Streisand, Gore Vidal and Tuesday Weld

Why she might be annoying:

    She said, 'I was tactless, contemptuous and made enemies needlessly.'
    'Time' wrote, 'She has the soft, breathy voice of a little-bitty girl, the vocabulary of a mule-skinner, and the subtle approach of a Sherman tank.'
    When Tom Ewell asked what she could do for him that other agents couldn't, she replied, 'Fuck David Merrick.'
    After the killing of Sharon Tate, she reassured a client with, 'Don't worry, stars aren't being murdered, only featured players.'
    She tried to keep Barbra Streisand from making 'Yentl,' then after seeing the film said, 'Thank God she didn't listen to me.'

Why she might not be annoying:

    Her family were Jewish refugees from Nazi Germany.
    She worked her way up from secretary to being the first female superagent.
    When she called director Sidney Lumet at midnight to pitch a client, he replied, 'If you're this pushy, I want you to be my agent.'
    Producer Ray Stark said, 'She has the two prerequisites of every great agent: Vitality and humor, especially about herself.'
    Ali MacGraw said, 'If I thought anyone was going to hurt Sue on any level, in any way, I would personally break their legs. She inspires more loyalty than anyone I've ever met.'

Credit: C. Fishel

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