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Barbara Walters

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The Resume

    (September 25, 1929-December 30, 2022)
    First female news co-anchor on a major network (ABC Evening News with Harry Reasoner) (1976-78)
    33rd host of the 'Today Show' (1961-76)
    Co-Anchor 20/20
    Creator and star of 'The View' (1997-May 16, 2014)
    Wrote 'How to Talk to Anybody about Practically Anything' and 'Audition'
    Hosted 'Not for Women Only'
    Acted in 'Crazy Mama,' 'Rock 'n' Roll High School,' and 'Goin South'

Why she might be annoying:

    She created The View.
    She publicly humiliated Debbie Matenopoulos by firing her from The View, saying she's always welcome back, but never offered her an invitation.
    Her questions are usually softballs, and when someone is in trouble, they want her as their interviewer.
    She has a speech impediment, pronouncing 'R' like 'W' and over pronounces her 'G.'
    She is twice divorced and annulled another marriage.
    She had a face lift.
    She was a light smoker.
    As a child, she tap danced under the name Babs Elliot.
    She does not like being photographed on her right side.
    She is a vegetarian.
    She asked Katharine Hepburn, what kind of tree would you be.
    She likes to get her guests to cry, because it's good for ratings.
    Her interview with Monica Lewinsky is one of the highest rated programs in TV history.

Why she might not be annoying:

    She has great legs and looks incredible for a woman in her seventies.
    She inspired Gilda Radner of Saturday Night Lives Baba Wawa impression.
    She graduated Sarah Lawrence College.
    She is a workaholic.
    When her father had a heart-attack, he was forced into bankruptcy, she then become her parents' financial support.
    She dated Alan Greenspan in the '70s.
    She adopted her daughter, Jacqueline (1968), who she named for her slightly retarded sister who died.
    She once went undercover, dressed as a playboy bunny.
    Despite knowing that Harry Reasoner detested her (or for that matter anyone he would have had to share anchoring the news with), she did not bad mouth him.
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