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Pamplona, Spain

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The Resume

    (75 BC- )
    Founded by the Roman general Pompey
    Capital of Navarre province
    Population: 192,000 (2004)
    Known for the annual running of the bulls during the festival of San Fermin (July 7-14)

Why Pamplona, Spain might be annoying:

    Injuries from being trampled or gored are common during the running of the bulls.
    Injuries to the bulls from slipping on cobblestones are common too.
    Other Spanish cities run bulls too. Pamplona’s festival happened to become famous because Ernest Hemingway mentioned it in ‘The Sun Also Rises.’
    PeTA shows up during the running of the bulls to protest.
    It was nearly destroyed by Arabs and reduced to a country village (924 AD).

Why Pamplona, Spain might not be annoying:

    It has maintained its medieval town layout and three quarters of its 16th-century city walls.
    The climate is warm and dry.
    It is home to the third largest bullring in the world, after those in Mexico City and Madrid.
    The city named a street Avienda de Hemingway, acknowledging its debt to the author.

Credit: C. Fishel

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