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Mickey Mantle

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Baseball Player

The Resume

    (October 20, 1931-August 13, 1995)
    New York Yankee Centerfielder (1951-68) (also played shortstop and first base)
    Played in 12 World Series in his 18 year career
    Triple crown winner (A.L.'s best batting avg, most R.B.I.s and most Home runs - 1956)
    Hall of Famer (1974)
    MVP (1956, 57, 62)
    A.L. All Star Team (1952-65)
    Hit record 18 home runs and record 40 R.B.I.'s in the World Series
    Yankees retired his uniform #7 (June 8, 1969)
    Hit 536 home runs

Why he might be annoying:

    He was an admitted alcoholic who cheated on his wife.
    His doctors caused a major controversy when they gave him special treatment, by replacing his liver without fairly waiting on the list of people needing livers.
    This controversy grew, because Mantle had cancer and died shortly after getting the new liver.
    Mantle claimed that he drank because he didn't expect to live to 40 years old (both his father, age 39, his grandfather and his son Billy (age 36) died of Hodgkin's Disease.
    He struck out 1,710 times in 8,102 at bats.

Why he might not be annoying:

    When asked about the ridiculous amounts of money that mediocre players were getting, Mickey joked: 'If I was playing today, the first thing I'd say to the owner in the morning would be, 'Hello, partner.''
    When congress decided to look into the antitrust acts in baseball they invited Casey Stengel and Mantle to testify.
    After Casey rambled on using mostly double-talk and nonsense words to make his point, the congressmen thought it best to ask Mickey his opinions and he said with a grin, 'I agree with everything Casey just said.'
    Mickey was known for his generosity and always picked up the check at restaurants.
    He was a true team leader, because he took rookies under his wing and was the first to greet them at spring training.
    He was so beloved by his teammates that Clete Boyer and Tom Tresh named their sons Mickey, in his honor.
    Whenever he was invited to card signing shows he would bring along other ball players so they could share some of the money.
    He was extremely humble, and never bragged about his baseball powers, or complained of his pain.
    He hurt his knee in 1952 and played in pain throughout the rest of his career, some experts say if his knee wasn't injured he would have hit 80 home runs in a season and stolen 100 bases.
    One of his regrets is that he did not live up to his role model hero status, although none of his past teammates would agree.
    When he knew he was dying, he made pleas to children not to make the mistakes he made.
    He strongly campaigned that people sign their organ donor cards and a great percentage did.
    His doctors said that he was one of his most remarkable patients, since he never showed any self pity and was more concerned with the well being of other patients.

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