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Spratly Islands

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The Resume

    (1883- )
    Located in Southeastern Asia
    Group of about 100 islands in the South China Sea

Why Spratly Islands might be annoying:

    Typhoons hit the islands.
    It is a maritime nightmare with many reefs and shoals.
    Most of the islands are occupied by Chinese, Malaysian, Filipino, Taiwanese and Vietnamese military troops.
    China, Taiwan, and Vietnam claimed the islands.
    Some of the islands are claimed by Malaysia and the Philippines.
    Brunei established some of them as an exclusive fishing zone.

Why Spratly Islands might not be annoying:

    There is probably petroleum and natural gas deposits that have yet to be explored.
    Although no one actually lives on the islands, there are small groups of garrisons on some.
    The islands are used by commercial fishermen.
    Despite being uninhabited, they have a paved airport.

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