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Jacksonville, Florida

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The Resume

    (February 9, 1832- )
    Inhabited by the Timucuan Indians
    Settled by the French in 1562
    Officially founded by Isaiah D. Hart
    Second largest city in area (841 sq miles) in the United States, second to Juneau, Alaska
    Most populous city in Florida
    Population listed at 735,617 as of the 2000 census
    Home of the NFL's Jacksonville Jaguars

Why Jacksonville, Florida might be annoying:

    The town is named after President Andrew Jackson.
    It's known as the 'Winter City in Summerland.'
    Much of the city was destroyed, rebuilt and destroyed again during the Civil War.
    Many residents of the city were plagued with yellow fever during the late 1880's.
    A statute of a Confederate soldier was raised in 1898 when Confederate war veteran, C.C. Hemming, donated $20,000 to do so. The statute was built to face the South.
    A fire in 1901 destroyed well over 2,000 buildings.

Why Jacksonville, Florida might not be annoying:

    It used to provide much of America with cotton and timber.
    It's got great weather year-round.
    On average, it's population raises by four times during the winter months.
    Its crime rate isn't anywhere near as high as Miami's.

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