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The Resume

    (September 2, 1945- )
    Independent from France
    Between China and Laos
    Primary languages are Vietnamese and English
    Capital is Hanoi

Why Vietnam might be annoying:

    The people suffer from cyclones and water pollution.
    It is poverty stricken.
    Enough people are addicted to opium, meth and heroin to consider it a domestic problem.
    It divided into a Communist north and anti-Communist south country (1954).
    the country has been through many wars since its independence.
    Puppetry is a popular form of entertainment.
    The location of a war that divided United States loyalties.

Why Vietnam might not be annoying:

    The government has been loosening its tight grip on the inhabitants' freedoms.
    It defeated France) in the Battle of Dien Bien Phu (1946-54).
    The United States wrongfully stepped into the disputes between north and south Vietnam.
    There are plenty of caves for spelunkers to explore.
    There's a giant chicken statue in Chicken Village.
    The successful Broadway play 'Miss Siagon' was based on the Vietnam War.

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