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Anthony Quinn

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The Resume

    (April 21, 1915-June 3, 2001)
    Birth name is Antonio Rudolfo Oaxaca Quinn
    Died in Boston, Massachusetts
    Won the 1952 Oscar for Best Supporting Actor (Viva Zapata!)
    Won the 1956 Oscar for Best Supporting Actor (Lust For Life)
    Acted in 'Sworn Enemy (1936),' 'Road to Singapore (1940),' 'Buffalo Bill (1944),' 'Irish Eyes Are Smiling (1944),' 'Blowing Wild (1953),' 'Zorba the Greek (1964),' 'Marco the Magnificent (1965),' 'Across 110th Street (1972),' 'Valentina (1982),' 'Last Action Hero (1993),' 'Sophia Loren: Actress Italian Style (1999)' and 'Avenging Angelo (2002)'
    Wrote 'One Man Tango (1995 autobiography),' 'The Original Sin (1972)' and 'Suddenly Sunset'
    Had throat cancer and died of pneumonia and respiratory complications

Why he might be annoying:

    He was married three times, divorced twice.
    He fathered thirteen children.
    His wife at the time of his death, Kathy Benvin, was his secretary.
    He shaved his hair for a part in the movie 'The Magus' and took out an insurance policy in case it didn't grow back!
    Before acting, he held several odd jobs such as a slaughterhouse worker, butcher, a boxer and street corner preacher.
    He lost his three year old son, Christopher, to a drowning in W. C. Fields' swimming pool.
    For unknown reasons, most of his thirteen children were left out of his will.
    The bulk of his estate went to his wife at the time of his death (Kathy Benvin) and their two young children.
    In his late acting years, he used poor judgement in accepting roles and became known for overacting.
    In infancy, he lived in poverty and wished for his ashes to be spread at his birthplace.
    His final wish was not honored because of known controversial Providence, Rhode Island Mayor Vincent 'Buddy' Cianci, who he'd befriended, held a private ceremony under one of his paintings near the actor's death place.

Why he might not be annoying:

    He's noted for being the Oscar winning actor that appeared alongside other Oscar winning actors in more movies than any other Oscar awarded actor. (28 males, 18 females).
    Several of his children are actors, such as Francesco Quinn, Valentina Quinn and Lorenzo Quinn.
    He became a naturalized US citizen in the 1940s.
    He had an Irish Father and Mexican Mother.
    He had a close relationship with Frank Lloyd Wright and won a scholarship to study architecture with him.
    Frank Lloyd Wright paid for his surgery to correct a speech impediment then suggested he take acting lessons in order to help re-train his tongue.
    He's been described as an overall exceptional human being.
    Compared to Vincent Price, he also was an accomplished artist, sculptor, architecture student, prizefighter, and jewelry designer.
    His second Oscar was for a movie he appeared in for just eight minutes.
    When asked about his ethnicity, he replied, 'It doesn't make a difference as long as I'm a person in the world.'
    In movies, he played nearly every exotic ethnic type imaginable.

Credit: Skunk Butt

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